Pastor Greg Mohr: Healing Conference (Sunday Session)
Pastor Greg Mohr, Sermon

Pastor Greg Mohr: Healing Conference (Sunday Session)

Here are the notes I took from the Session 2 service:

God opens big doors on little hinges

Primary hinderances of healing

Matthew 8:17

Peace also means prosperity

Hinderances to healing

1 – Lack of Knowledge

2 – People place a greater value on a Dr. report or their experience more than the word of God.

3 – Traditions of Men – Matthew 15:6

4 – People treat sickness like a friend instead of an enemy

5 – Expecting Jesus to come down and heal us

6 – Placing all their trust in instintanious healing.

Oh, Ahh, You were good, you were fair

“You can’t receive from God basing your theology on you experience.”

Matthew 4:23

Preach, Teach and Heal

Matthew 9:35

Acts 10:38

Romans 2:11

You cannot have faith for God to heal you if you think that He sometimes heals.

Isaiah 53:1

Luke 9:1-2

Matthew 10:1-2

Deligated authority trumps functional authority

The first report is not the final report.

Ecc 7:7

Will you be made whole?

Isaiah 53:4-5

Mark 16:18

Proverbs 4:20-23