Pastor Greg Mohr: Healing Conference (Saturday Session)
Pastor Greg Mohr, Sermon

Pastor Greg Mohr: Healing Conference (Saturday Session)


Here are the notes that I took:

“God is for you, He is not against you.” – Pastor Kevin Casey

You don’t have to wait for mercy drops to fall from Heaven, they have already fallen.

Dn’t limit what God will do for you tonight.

I’m a believer and believers believe.

Luke 5:12-13, 17-23

3 Essential keys to receive and release healing

1 – Healing is the will of God for everyone, every time, all the time.

2 – You have the power so use it.

3 – Keep exalting the truth above the facts until the truth prevails.

Can you get your believer engaged with whatever you are dealing with?

Isaiah 53:4

Matthew 8:16

Doctors have functional authority but we have deligated authority

Matthew 10:1

Luke 9:1-2

1 Corinthians 7:4 (Authority over spouce’s body)

Matthew 10:8

Luke 9:2

Luke 10:8-9

Matthew 16:19

God gave us the authority and He will not exercise it for us.

The devil is defeated but he is not dead

Isaiah 53:1

Whose report are you going to submit to?

Mark 9:14-30